//about me

Louiza Ntourou (Orlof) is an artist-filmmaker based in London. Influenced by theories of anthropology and psychoanalysis, her work explores and raises questions about the “lost object”, the remote space that the latter leaves behind and its link to the emergence of the paradox. She currently works on a series of films named “Variations: The moment as an eternity”. For this series she creates short films that capture an object or space in a specific moment, when different realities meet, intersect and interchange.


Art – Athina, 2021, Athens, GR

Winter Light, 2020/21, Hayward Gallery, London, UK

London Short Film Festival, 2021

Transmissions, BBC New Creatives, 2019/20, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, 2019, South London Gallery, & Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, UK

Inside: Outside – Symposium, 2019, Chapel Arts Studios, Winchester School of Art, Andover, UK

‘Left/After the main door’, 2019, Redon, London, UK

The Swedenborg Film Festival, 2018, London, UK