//about me

Louiza Ntourou (Orlof) is an artist-filmmaker based in London. Her films and videos explore the unexpected facets of reality and reflect on the different ways of seeing and reimagining ordinary -animate or inanimate- objects of everyday life. She currently works on a series of films named “Variations: The Moment as an Eternity”. For this series, she experiments with the haiku poetic form and its application on the moving image.


Nothing good lasts, 2023, Vatsaxi 6 (Haus N), Athens, GR

Art – Athina, 2021, Athens, GR

Winter Light, 2020/21, Hayward Gallery, London, UK

London Short Film Festival, 2021

Transmissions, BBC New Creatives, 2019/20, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, 2019, South London Gallery, & Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, UK

Inside: Outside – Symposium, 2019, Chapel Arts Studios, Winchester School of Art, Andover, UK

‘Left/After the main door’, 2019, Redon, London, UK

The Swedenborg Film Festival, 2018, London, UK