//selected projects


The Awakening - 16mm & video (work in progress)

Taking upon the subject of the Awakening as it has been repeatedly depicted in sculpture and influenced by Kassia, the Byzantine poet and composer, the film explores the possibilities of movement on a feminine statue.


Chronicle - 4 min, 2022, video

A fragment from pandemic: Demonstrations against police violence in Athens, warm nights, tear gas, bitter orange trees and a white figure dancing against the darkness of the night.


Clouded Yellow - 3,5 min, 2021, video

A butterfly is getting involved in a car accident. Will she be transformed again?


Radio Silence - 3 min, 2019, 16mm

Radio Silence is a film about the imaginary communication of a daughter with her father through the radio. It explores the complexity of human relationships commenting on the paradoxical ways of experiencing the presence and/or absence of the other.


Once Upon a Time, a Time That Never Was and Always Is - 3,5 min, 2018, video

The film is about the paradoxical bewitchment of life. It explores the meaning within the meaningless and the time within timelessness. The film and the leaf oscillate between reality and imaginary, between humour and melancholia.

The Dark is Light enough-short-film-stills-Louiza-Ntourou-church

The Dark is Light enough - 6min, 2018, video

Shot in the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) in Evora, Portugal, the film presents the momentary interface and overlapping of two contradicted realities. Inside and outside, death and life, past and present, meet and interchange commenting on the existential tension and the absurd of reality.


To G.K. - 2,5 min, 2017, video

Shot during the summer 2018 in Amorgos, a Greek island, To G.K. is a short film-letter about the sometimes visible, sometimes invisible limitations of reality.